Vanillia Cheesecake     £5.95

with Strawberry Compote and                  

Shortbread Biscuit

White Chocolate

Panna Cotta   £5.95

with Roasted Pistachios, Caramel Syrup

and Biscotti

Sticky Toffee Pudding £5.95

with Vanilla Ice Cream and Toffee Sauce                 

Chocolate Brownie

Sundae                    £5.95

with Local Ice Cream, Chocolate Brownie,

Chocolate Sauce, Banana and

Whipped Cream




Choose from:

Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry

                      1 scoop             £2.00
2 scoops           £3.50

                      3 scoops           £4.50

Selection Of Cheeses 

Served with Biscuits, Grapes                                         

and Home Made Chutney

Inglewhite Goats:

Hand made with goats milk from

Butlers Farm

Blacksticks Creamy:

A soft , creamy , almost spreadable

handmade blue cheese

Westmorland Smoked Cheddar :

Locally smoked over whisky barrel oak

chippings , giving a mellow flavour.

Eden Chieftain :

An award winning close textured cheese

from the Appleby Creamery.



Speciality Coffees



Espresso                  £2.20

Strong, Highly Flavored Small Coffee

Macchiato                 £2.30

Espresso Topped with Steamed Milk Foam

Espresso Doppio         £2.80

Simply a Double Espresso

Americano                £2.50

Espresso Made with More Hot Water

Cappuccino                 £2.75

Espresso Mixed with Frothed Hot Milk

Latte                            £2.75

Espresso with Steamed Milk

Hot Chocolate            £2.75

Extras  All 35p

Cream, Marshmallows or Flakes

Toffeato                      £3.00

Latte with Caramel Syrup

Mocchachino               £3.50

Hot Chocolate with a Shot of Coffee

Ice Coffee                  £3.75

Coffee with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice-Cream

Liqueur Coffee           £4.85

Choose from: Amaretto, Baileys, Whiskey,

Tia Maria, Brandy and many more…

Selection of Teas       £1.95

Lakeland, Earl Grey, Green Tea,

Fruit Tea, Fresh Mint Tea…