Soft Drinks  

Tonic                    £1.50

Coke, Lemonade,      £2.10

Fruit Juices            £2.10

Orange, Apple, Cranberry

Willow Spring Water(250ml)   £1.95

Willow Spring Water(750ml)  £3.95

J2O                               £2.70

Apple & Mango, Orange& Passion Fruit,

Apple & Raspberry

Appletiser, Elderflower Presse  £2.80

Fentimans Ginger Beer       £2.95

  Iced Drinks

Ice Cream Milkshake             £5.45

Choose from:Chocolate, Strawberry,

Banana, Coffee, Mint, Caramel

or Vanilla 

Freshly Made Smoothie        £5.45

Check the blackboard for the

`Smoothie of the week`      

Coffees, Teas Regular/Large

Cafetier of Farrer`s No1 Coffee£2.50

Espresso                   £2.20/£2.80

Macchiato                       £2.30

Americano                 £2.50/£3.00

Cappuccino                £2.75/£3.15

Latte                                 £2.75

Mocchachino                      £3.50

Hot Chocolate              £2.75/£3.00

Extras                           35p each

Cream, Marshmallows or Flakes

Liqueur Coffee                     £4.85

Choose from :Amaretto, Baileys, Whiskey,

Tia Maria, Brandy and many more

Selection of Teas                 £1.95

Lakeland, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Fruit Tea,

Fresh Mint Tea…

  White Wines


Chardonnay Les Argelieres     £19.95


This Wine is Beautifully Balanced with Zesty

Fruit and Integrated Oak

Esk Valley Sauvignon Blanc, NZ£21.95

Dry and Complex with

Tropical Fruit Flavours

Soave Classico, Zenato, Ita  £21.95

Appely bouquet, fresh, crisp, zippy palate

with a hint of citrus

Chablis Domain Dampt,  £24.95

Steely dry, citrus fruit with a pleasantly

sharp finish

                        Red Wines

Navajas  Rioja Spain   £19.95

Its Dark Fruit Flavours are Offset by

Attractive Vanilla Overtones

Gouguenheim Malbec,  £19.50


Bright in colour, well rounded with

supple plum & plum cherry aromas    

Chalk Hill Pitchfork Shiraz         £20.95


Fruit Driven Shiraz with Flavours of Plum,

Mulberry And Black Raspberry

Hancock & Hancock                £24.95

Cabernet Tauriga, Australia

Blackcurrant and Crushed Leaf Flavours of

Cabernet Sauvignon With the Perfume of

Violets and Savoury Taste of Touriga

Barolo, Antorio Italy           £33.00

A Robust Wine with Deep, Rich Colour
Matured Up to 7 Years for  Full Flavour




Sparkling Wines


Laurent Perrier N.V            £45.00


Delicate and Complex, with a Hints of Citrus


and  White Fruits, Fresh and Easy on the Palate.


Rosato Frizzante Italy          £21.50


Fruity on the nose with floral hints.


Prosecco Villa Sandi,Italy       £23.95
Crisp, Clean with a Refreshing Dry Finish.


Prosecco Villa Sandi Italy(200ml) £6.95


Pinot Grigio Rose, Italy     Bottle£16.95

Watermelon and Strawberry 125ml£3.15

are balanced by crisp acidity  250ml£6.15

Zinfandel Rose, California  Bottle£16.95

Ripe fruit flavours, slight crisp,125ml£3.15

lingering finish                  250ml  £6.15


Lagers, Ciders & Beers

Peroni(330ml)5.1%            £3.75

Lakeland lager(330ml)5.0%  £3.95

Koppaberg Pear Cider        £4.95

Koppaberg Mixed Fruit Cider 4.95

Magners Apple Cider         £4.95

Becks Blue(Alcohol Free)    £3.75

Draught Peroni        Pint      £4.95

                           Half Pint £2.50


A selection of Local Beers & Ales from Breweries around the county including;

Barngates Ambleside Pale Ale3.3%£4.95

Exotic Fruit Nose with a Fresh Bitter Finish  

Hawkshead Red4.4%                 £4.95

Bitter-sweet rich and fruity Red Ale, brewed

with malted barley, English hops, yeast

and soft Lakeland Water.

Watermill Collie Wobbles3.7%   £4.95

A pale, gold bitter, with a slight

citrus taste. Good hop & malt balance

Barngates Bratahy Gold 4.0%   £4.95

Golden, vibrant, hoppy & bittersweet.